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For A Limited Time, buy direct from the manufacturer and save up to $100 on a Septic Genie.

Your “Do It Yourself” remedy proven to resolve 95% of septic system failures and maintain a healthy system. With Septic Genie, you can avoid the expense and hassle of digging up your yard and replacing your leach field.
Cesspool With over 30 million homes in the United States using a septic system, there are bound to be problems with people's cesspools. If you are one of those people and you think you are in for a huge expense, there is another option. We have been in the septic business for years, and as a team, have over 50 years combined experience. We have given many families the bad news and wanted to give them another choice that will not affect their daily life, expenses and more. So we have created the Septic Genie to solve your cesspool problems! You can install it yourself; you do not need a contractor.

What is causing your backup? Biomat. Biomat is a thick slime created by intestinal bacteria that clog the soil surrounding the side walls. These bacteria secrete a slime that will build up over years and clog the soil, which restricts the ability of the soil to absorb liquid. This will cause backups in you home, lawn and even odor.

How can the Genie correct this? Once you install the Genie our special bacteria will start working immediately. They begin in your cesspool where they will start to consume any organic material, something it could not do previously. They will live and reproduce in the Genie that is installed in your system. They pass with the liquid to soil surrounding the area. Here they will eat and digest all the biomat slime, beginning the process of restoring your system. How long will it take to get your system to the way it was? Well that depends on how bad your cesspools problem is. It can be corrected as soon as two weeks or it may take a little longer. Once your system is restored it will remain that way. The bacteria reproduce and stay active with your usage. It will adjust to more or less usage, so don't worry if you leave for a business trip for a week.

When you will receive the Genie, you will have everything you need to complete the installation except some 1/2" Schedule 40 PVC pipe that you will have to provide. On the top of your product will be the detailed installation instructions, with pictures, that will walk you through the entire procedure. You do not need any special tools or equipment. You can do the whole installation yourself or, if you prefer, you can get help from a local handyman. The whole process will take only hours to complete and will start working as soon as you are done.

To get more information or contact our customer service visit our website at www.septicgenie.com
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