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Leach Field
Leach Field If you are one of the 30 million Americans that have a septic system in your home, you are probably aware of the problems that can arise. You probably also associate these problems with major expenses. This may be true in some cases, but now there is an alternate option for you if you are having septic leach field problems. We have created a product that homeowners can install themselves. It is much more affordable, causes no damage to your property, and will only take a few hours to install. What is this unique product? Septic Genie. A one of a kind solution that will help you quickly and last the lifetime of your drain field. A drain field can be called many different names: leach field, leach bed, leach trench, leaching pit, seepage pit, and chamber system. They all perform the same job; allow liquid to be absorbed by the soil for the final treatment process.

What causes a leach field to stop functioning correctly? The most common cause of this problem is a build up of biomat. What is biomat? Biomat is a thick slime created by intestinal bacteria that survive in the septic system and travel to the soil and clog the soil surrounding a drain field.

The problem comes after they leave the tank, travel to the drain field and to the soil around the drain field. This slime will begin to clog the flow of the liquid and this will get worse and worse as time goes on. An early sign would be an odor from your plumbing fixtures. Then backups may begin in your home or on your property.

You can install the Septic Genie to correct problems in leach fields. The special bacteria from our Septic Genie will begin to work right away. They begin in the septic tank where they consume solid waste, live and reproduce. This bacteria gives a benefit to the tank that was not previously present; the ability to consume the waste that would have just stayed there before. They will then travel to the drain field to eat and digest the biomat. Your system will begin to function properly soon and will stay that way. Our bacteria will continue to grow and work for the life of the field.
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